Here we have a selection of frequently asked questions. If one of your questions is not answered here, please send us a message.


Mikkelvik is located about 80km from Tromsø. You need about 1h-1,5h. by car without ferry.

If you have booked a transfer with us or one of our sales partners, then we have also received your arrival and departure times through you or our sales partners. You will be picked up by our driver at the airport. You can recognize him by the upright sign with the "Mikkelvik Brygge" logo.

You can arrive at us from 2 pm, the departure is then to be done until 10 am.
For arrivals after 11 p.m. and departures before 7 a.m., we charge a fee of NOK 600 each.

You can go shopping as part of the transfer, our driver will be happy to stop at the supermarket – just let the driver know.
Please limit your shopping time to a maximum of 30 minutes, there are further transfers to you.
The nearest shopping facility is in Hansnes, about 40km away from us. Here you will find two gas stations, 2 supermarkets, 1 bistro.
We are also happy to shop for you and deliver the desired goods to your front door. This service costs a surcharge of 25% on the value of the goods.


With us you do not need any cash (except deposit).
You can pay everything you have used or booked at the end of your trip with us by card (Maestro-Card, Visa etc.)

Yes, we take a deposit: 600€ (6.000 NOK) for house / apartment and 1 boat
and 800€ (8.000 NOK) for house / apartment and 2 boats – gladly BAR


No, this is not possible.


We offer you these additional services:
- Rental of floating suits
- Rental of vacuum sealers / purchase of foil or bags
- Rental of thermos flasks
- Rental of batteries for the electric role
- Purchase of polystyrene boxes for fish transport
- Rental grill incl. coal and lighter
- Rent barbecue house incl. coal and lighter, plates, wooden drinking vessels, cutlery, napkins (maximum 12 people)
- Rent Watermaxx incl. 2 bottles (drinking water quality with us is excellent!)
- Rental mountain bike
- Rent sauna house 2h (minimum 4 people, maximum 10 people), incl. towels, hot and cold soft drinks and infusion. Please register 1 day in advance!
- Rental fishing equipment
- Shopping service, with delivery to your door (this service costs 25% on the value of the goods)


In our houses / apartments you will find a modern and comfortable sofa landscape, a coffee table, a dining table, a modern flat screen TV, a music system with Bluetooth, a toaster, a filter coffee machine, a kettle, Miele microwave, a Miele stove with oven, a Miele fridge-freezer. The two upper apartments have a balcony and have their own sauna in the bathroom, all other guests can rent our sauna house with fireplace room (minimum 4 people, up to a maximum of 10 people). The lower apartments and houses have a large terrace overlooking the sea

      - Parking
- W-Lan
- Bed linen and towels
- Slippers
- Hand soap and toilet paper
- Kitchen roll, aluminium foil, baking paper, ice cube bags
- Coffee filter
- Rags, sponge, dishwashing detergent (also for dishwashers)
- Garbage bags

Yes, free Wi-Fi is available in our accommodations.


Yes, we are certified. This means that since January 2021 you can now take 18 kg of fish fillet / fish products with you on your departure.
However, this only applies to a stay in a registered facility and only twice per calendar year. Purchased fish is not covered by this regulation.
You have the duty to register your daily catches. For this purpose, we provide you with a registration portal.
At the end of your trip you will receive a legitimation document from us, which you must present to customs (only on request) when leaving the country.


On our Brygge you will find 2 filleting houses with metal tables and tiles for hygienically flawless filleting and a large, walk-in freezer.

In Sachen Angelequipment haben wir uns für Eisele entschieden. Somit können wir Dir hochwertiges Angelequipment zur Verfügung stellen. Unsere Auswahl reicht von verschiedenen Ködern über Rute und Rolle bis hin zu Schwanzschlinge und Co.
Bitte gib uns Bescheid, wenn Du etwas ausleihen möchtest.

We generally recommend the following:

For easy fishing for cod and charcoal:
Spinning rod: 100 – max. 300gr. (strong backbone) Roll: Stationary roll of caliber between 3000 and 3500. As a string necessarily a round braided. The load capacity should be about 10 kg.

For heavy fishing for cod, halibut etc.:
30 Lbs sea rod with SIC rings and cross closure. You need the end of the cross for the gimbal, which will save you some back pain.

The rod should be quite stiff (bait + water depth = an immense pressure).

The roll should hold at least 400m of a round braided string. We have already experienced halibut escapes, in which the fish has easily torn 200m off the roll like a steam lock. A line counter for fishing 2-3m above the bottom or targeted schooling is good. As a string you should take a good round braided. With a load capacity of 22-30kg. But that's a matter of taste.

Rubber fish:
Don't be afraid of big baits!
A 25cm rubber tail is a small appetizer for a 12 KG cod.
The rubber fish should have a strong tail shovel because of the pressure wave.
Heads suitable for the body between 200-500gr. - available e.B. at Royberjig.

For cod and pollock on the underwater mountains in about 10-20 m water depth (halibut is always to be expected): Pilker from 80-150gr. For deeper cod, charcoal burner and Co (20-60m): Pilker from 150-200gr. Grundpilken or shortly above (halibut, cod, monkfish, stone biter, etc. 60-120m): Pilker from 200-400gr.

Small stuff:
Do not forget powerful triplets, vertebrae with hooks, blasting rings, a sharp knife, a saltwater-resistant pliers, etc. GIMBAL. Lobes for the fingers. Sunglasses cap, sunscreen etc.


We have two different types of boats for rent: Our 8 open boats with hardtop are of the type Kaasbøll 760. They are 7.60m long and 2.45m wide and have a Mercury SeaPro FourStroke with 150 hp.
Our 2 cabin boats are of the type Kaasbøll 750C. They are 7.90 m long and 3.00 m wide. These boats have state-of-the-art engines, the Merury F300 XL V8 Verado with 300 hp.
Our boats are basically equipped with anchor and rope, life pistols, life jackets, 1 boat hook, 1 Vivtec gaff, 1 bucket, 1 mop and hand brush and 3 fish boxes.
The Kaasbøll boats have a Garmin kart plotter (Garmin echoMAP™ 72sv) and a Lowrance kart plotter (HDS 12 live) and the two Kaasbøll cabin boats have Simrad kart plotters NSX 12 inches.