You’re dreaming of holidays...

You want to catch big fish ...

You want to be in nature...

You want to see the Northern Lights...

You want to watch whales...

You want snow ...

You want to go on holiday with friends ...

You’re welcome!


Just book your apartment or your holiday home now:

Your dream fishing holiday

MIKKELVIK BRYGGE invites you to go sea fishing, to watch the Northern lights and whales, and to have a recreative holiday


The property is about 3 acres big and lies embedded in a beautiful landscape. We have six holiday houses designed in wood construction with large windows with a direct sea view. The fishing camp Mikkelvik Brygge has a direct water line to the Skogsfjord and is protected by offshore two islands. Right on the doorstep you have access to one of the most attractive fishing grounds in Northern Norway!


Our boat fleet has been selected under only one aspect: We want to make fishing in Norway as comfortable and as safe as possible for you. Our 8m long aluminum boats come with a canopy and 150hp engines, so you're safe on each trip to the open sea.


Huge halibut, cod and saithe live in the waters around Mikkelvik - the best hotspots are just outside the door. However, wolffish, haddock, redfish & other species can be found here as well. In the nearby lake and freshwater fishers get their money’s worth: char and trout can be caught there.Tight lines, everybody!

MIKKELVIK BRYGGE WELCOMES YOU. From next year, you can spend your dream holiday in 3 houses and 4 apartments.

This is where you can book directly online. Simply choose the desired time period and the number of people, and book directly with us ...


Throughout the year, you can see the world’s largest water mammals here with us. Especially in Autumn they come into the sound and hunt close to the land.


Mikkelvik Brygge is surrounded by the beautiful island Ringvassøya and has a direct ferry service to Rebbenesøya. We also offer a great variety of activities for our guests that don’t like the water.


It's really something special to experience the bright solar winds of the Northern lights in the dark. When aurora borealis magically dances in the sky, in greenish, blueish and reddish veils of light. See for yourself!

Be with us right from the start in May 2016

…comes true in 2016! We plan to open our fishing camp in spring 2016 and are looking forward to our first guests in May 2016!

planning & strategy

MIKKELVIK BRYGGE is throughly planned and you can see the results on the following pages.

design & interior

The houses and apartments are comfortably furnished. The ongoing construction of the camp will be documented here In the coming months.

test & enjoy

You are especially welcome, if you are one of our first guests. But first, we have to test everything conscientiously.


As soon as you’re on this property for the first time, you’ll understand immediately why this is the place your dream holiday paradise. For you, we found seclusion, beauty and vastness, as well as a nearby airport, in the middle of one of the best and undisturbed fishing grounds in Northern Norway.


Upon arrival in MIKKELVIK Brygge, you can immediately take the boat and head out on the water. For a good overview, we recommend to study the local conditions thoroughly in advance. This is why we share the sea chart of your fishing area here.


Do you have any general questions about Mikkelvik Brygge, or do you want to place a reservation with special requests? Even if you only have a suggestion or a positive or negative remark, please take contact with us. We will respond as soon as possible.
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