Despite a long journey, the location is perfect

No matter where you come from, the journey is worth it at any rate. The location of Mikkelvik Brygge is unique. It is near the Tromsø, while completely secluded. To find such a nice spot is quite hard nowadays, even in Norway. The nature and the North Sea right outside the door are just the cherry on the icing.


It is easy to find the airport in Tromsø. For our arriving guests, there are direct flights from Oslo. Upon request, you’ll be picked up and transfered to us in MIKKELVIK BRYGGE directly.


The best route from Germany goes via the Baltic Sea by ferry. Trelleborg is a good harbor if you take the the travel route through Sweden. Alternatively, you can also use the bridges towards Sweden in Danmark. Then you drive northwards by directly passing Stockholm. You drive straight up north, along the Swedish Baltic Sea coast. In Winter, driving conditions should be checked before each trip, as there’s often a lot of snow in the north. You can drive a small portion of the route through Finland, since the roads there are very straight.


Upon arrival in MIKKELVIK BRYGGE, you can immediately take the boat and head out on the water. For a good overview, we recommend to study the local conditions thoroughly in advance. This is why we share the sea chart of your fishing area here.
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