There are two main types of redfish: common redfish and deepwater redfish. Both can be found in North Norway. Due to its life style, you’ll more frequently find smaller redfish near the coast, in the fjords and on the open sea. The Norwegian haddock, the biggest member of the redfish species, doesn’t occur so often.

Informations about redfish


Up to 100 cm

Up to 15 kg

Latin: Sebastes spp.
Norwegian: Uer, Rødfisk
French: Sébaste, Chèvre
German: Rotbarsch, Goldbarsch
English: Redfish.

Where to fish for redfish

Redfish are found on the edge of the continental slope, at depths of 100-500 m, although individual specimens have been caught at depths of up to 900 m.

Redfish tend to stay at their position. Therefore, you’ll often find them at steep edges near the bottom and ca. 10-30 m above. You can recognize a redfish swarm on the echo sounder, when a grape shaped cloud appears above the ground. Then you can fish there at ease, because the fish stays in one place for a while.

Redfish in the Norwegian Sea and the Arctic Sea live in large swarms. Redfish migrate in Summer, and in Winter they move southwards to its spawning grounds outside Vesterålen.

The most effective methods to catch redfish

One of the most effective methods is fishing with extremely long rigs. These consist of heavy monofilament (approximately 0.60 to 0.80 mm) and can be up to 20 meters. You can apply up to 15 or 20 hooks (size 1/0 or 2/0) on the short side arms. Above the hook, luminous pearls are mounted. To add weight, one uses heavier pirks with 400-800 g. Hooks and pirks are equipped with small pieces of fish or scraps. But of course, you can buy purchasable redfish fishing rigs.

If a redfish is on the hook and signals it through its typical short plucks, you should not crank up immediately. It is better to wait for a few seconds or minutes before hauling the fish onboard - often they trigger other fish to bite as well.

The most commonly used baits for redfish fishing

Good natural baits for redfish are little scraps of fish or shrimps (Norw.: reker).

Also small rubber makks lead to good results - especially if you garnish them with natural baits additionally.

Keep in mind when fishing for redfish

Please be careful when fishing for redfish. Don’t get stung by the gill-thorns or the dorsal fin. This can cause very painful inflammations!

As antivenom, just apply some of the redfish’s clear eye liquid of on the wound.

Our recipe suggestion for you

California redfish (4 persons)
4 redfish (s)
2 shallot (s)
1 bell pepper, red
1 bell pepper, yellow
1 bell pepper, green
1 big zucchini
100 g black olives, pitted
Salt and pepper
Basil and parsley, dried
lemon juice

Lavishly season the fish fillets with salt and pepper on both sides, and sprinkle with lemon juice. Peel the shallots, chop them finely and fry until soft in a little olive oil.
Meanwhile, cut the bell peppers into cubes, and cut the zucchini into thin slices.
Give peppers and courgettes to the shallots and sauté.
Add olives and a little lemon juice to it, season with basil, parsley. salt and pepper. Place the fish fillets in a baking dish and spread the vegetables on it. Again, sprinkle with a little lemon juice.

Bake for 25 minutes at 200°C.


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